June 4 & 5: Intro Food Systems Finance WebCourse for development finance agencies

by Nessa on May 8, 2014

Please spread the word about this new WebCourse from the Council of Development Finance Agencies. I am serving as Course Advisor for this 2-day online educational event, which will feature leading government, private, and non-profit sector experts on food systems finance from across the country.


The Intro Food Systems Finance WebCourse examines the development finance programs that sustain a local food system and how investments in that system can drive economic development on a broader scale. Topics covered include federal, state, and local sources of capital, stakeholders involved in the financing process, and case study examples that showcase the variety of financing programs.

This course will explore how bonds, tax credits, loan programs, foundation grants, and other financing tools can be used to support a local food system and encourage follow-on investment, small business development, and sustainable growth. In particular, this course will address the financing challenges associated with growing, processing, distributing, marketing, and selling food.

The Intro Food Systems Finance WebCourse is presented via the web over two days and includes lectures and presentations from speakers throughout the country. During each session, attendees can raise their hands, ask questions, comment on presentations and take interactive polls. CDFA’s Course Advisor moderates the WebCourse to ensure speaker and participant interaction throughout.

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